Wednesday, 31 August 2011

All we are we are

Everyday is the start of something beautiful...

I love that. One of my favorite movies to watch with the girls when they were younger was Anne of Green Gables. Anne with an 'e'. What a character she was, sweet, lovely and almost always making mistakes, at the very least having misunderstandings.

At one point in the movie, Anne had a bad day and her teacher was explaining to her as they walked along the road "...tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it."

How true that is, but how true also that we think our mistakes are still there at the beginning of each new day.

It takes work to start over, to put our mistakes behind start new, to start something beautiful.

There is a song I have been listening to 'All we are we are' it starts with these words 'tasted tasted love so sweet'...they remind me of a song Devon learned from a youth leader at church here in Arnold,

'I've tasted of the cup of mercy, mercy sweet.
I've tasted of the cup of grace, grace so sweet.
and after all my days are done perfect love I'll see
when I stand with you Lord in glory.'

It speaks to the fact that God has mercy for us, even through the mistakes we make, or the bad days we have, through the accidents that happen, even in words that have been said, misunderstandings. His mercy, His grace..

With all our mistakes, accidents, words and misunderstandings...all we are we are. In this world we never will be perfect.

Devon's song goes on to say...'when I stand with you Lord, perfect I will be...' that is something beautiful.