Monday, 22 August 2011

Around the edges

Today was my birthday.

I know. It was a special day, a great day!

I enjoyed my family , hearing from friends and listening to my sweet grandchildren sing Happy Birthday to me. Life is good.

Yet, life is not all about me, there are more stories to tell, stories around the edges of mine.

Today there was the aftermath of a tornado that flew through and devastated a town close to where my daughter lives.

Today the rebels in Libya saw confirmation of the revolution they have been fighting, hoping for freedom for their people.

Today Jack Layton died of cancer, he was a man of character and drive, he accomplished much for the country he loved.

Today, life happened, stories that affect my family, my country and my world.

These stories do not affect me, they do not affect the way I enjoy my life but they are there, and I feel the hurt of the people who need to rebuild their homes, I feel the euphoria of the people on the brink of freedom and I feel the sadness of death and loss. My heart is affected and it makes me pay attention to their stories.

...the stories around the edges of mine.