Saturday, 3 September 2011

Because I

"I know His voice...but He knows me. He knows my downside and even the darker bits I'd never divulge, in person or in print. He inscribes my name on the palm of His hand, saves my tears in a bottle and rightly numbers the hairs on my head...God answered my 'why me?' with His profoundly simple 'Because I' ...and that has to be enough."

I wish I could put words on paper that come out like that. The Beautiful Ache by Leigh McLeroy, she writes words that are on the tip of my tongue.

"Who doesn't hope to hear a word from heaven? Who doesn't wish that a knowing voice would whisper truth or comfort or direction or encouragement when it is needed most. We long to hear from God. We want to know He's with us. We pine for a sign or a sound or some well placed punctuation that says He's nearer than we can tell. That He sees. He Knows. But how do you learn to listen to the wind?"

1 Kings 19:11-13 tells the story of the wind.

Where is God?

Be still.

He is in a gentle whisper.

A still small voice.

Go out and stand in His presence.

And then when you ask Him, 'Why me?' you will hear His profound 'Because I'

...and it will be enough.