Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Proper Measure

It was my birthday, seems like just the other day...but it was in August; I had the best day, visiting with family and friends from every corner of my small world...each one a gift...the sweetest day.  My children made all the plans and had more in store for me though out the next few days; each one was a gift, as are my children and their children.  I have many blessings, all a measure of God’s amazing grace.

I just had surgery, seems like a life time ago...but it was the beginning of September; now I am nearly recovered, I was so well loved and cared for by my children and so many friends; all of them true gifts of comfort and all a measure of God's loving care.

October 1st was the first anniversary of my Dad's passing, he was a good man with a heart of gold, he was strong and honest, faithful and wise in so many ways...I miss him...he was a good measure of God's compassion and strength. 

Soon... tomorrow, I am heading off to Ontario to enjoy a change of scenery, a change of pace and a change of habits...but mostly to enjoy my little family there, to see how much they have all grown and changed...to share a Thanksgiving meal and to give thanks for all my blessings; to take long walks with; to chat and to laugh.  All of this a measure of God's never ending love.

Today, I am making a re-post of an old one; just over two years ago to be exact, because these are words I needed to hear again; taking a proper measure of God's good gifts...

Stepping Stones 
It was my birthday today, I received notes from friends, old and new, words of blessing, words of wisdom, love and encouragement...all gifts of the heart.  I received a gift or two as well and maybe one more...gifts of the heart and soul, in themselves gifts of God.
Years ago my Dad gave me a gift of words, he told me once, when I was just a girl...I was stepping out into the world and he said,  ‘One step at a time Judy, first you crawl, then you walk and then you can run...one step at a time.”
I have always loved that he told me that, that I have those words to fall back on, to slow down and measure my pace.
Life is a maze of stepping stones, taking you in a direction you should go.  The trick is to step on the right stones. When we first moved into this home, John made a sidewalk all around the house;  embedded in the walkway are red stepping stones placed a certain distance apart... it is hard to walk at a normal pace if you want to step on each one, each step has to be measured.
A friend said to me the other day, be like a scale...balance everything, measure what is good. Yes, but in order to measure something you need to have something to measure against...hopefully it is something good.
Sometimes, I find that God gives you something, it is not yours to keep, it is given in order to see what is possible, to see a glimpse of what He has in store for you.  It is given as a means of measure, to measure all things against, to taste and see and know and wait for it to come for keeps...for you.  It is a gift. 
Life is that kind of gift...wait for it...God gives his children good gifts...I love that.
 I will be measuring all things against that gift...something good...a gift from God.
This is where I stand right now, I am on the road to enjoying life, stepping out and stepping on stones...one step at a time, balancing and measuring good gifts.
“Every good and perfect gift is from above”   James 1:17
I love that.