Monday, 11 August 2014

Great Expectations and Lavishly More

“I remain confident of this; I will see the goodness of the Lord.”
Psalm 27:13

Life is a mess of circumstances, opportunities, chance encounters, relationships and moments…with family, friends, strangers, co-workers, so-called enemies and loved ones.  I have realized, and this is nothing new, that all of these are complicated with expectations.
I have come across a few quotes of expectations, one of them, the same one, is attributed to several people; it is this “If you expect nothing you can never be disappointed.” 

At first glance…true.

Of course, why wouldn’t this be true?

Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed.  I was walking along with a friend and he said the same thing to me, in so many words; I agreed…true.  And I found myself wishing that I could please keep this truth in mind!  It seems I am easily lost in my expectations, sadly; disappointment happens…circumstances disappoint and so do people.  I disappoint and so do you, we are not perfect.

Expectations, disappointment, overthinking…all of this ruins you; ruins the situation. Twists things around, makes you worry and makes everything much worse than it actually is…and we become our own worst enemy.

The truth is that, yes expectations are the main cause of most disappointments, but we cannot possibly live this life without expectations, they are the beginning of our hopes and dreams, of our wants and desires, they are the beginning of the fulfilment and satisfaction that living this life needs.  We all have expectations, more than that, we need them.

So I find myself realizing, and this is new, that there is a fine line between not having expectations and needing them.  Drawing a line in the sand, where do I stand…how do I begin to manage the expectation against the need of my hopes and dreams?

Fine lines…this life is full of them; disappointment happens…I can survive; expectations…hope and dreams, I need them.

I am going to draw that line in the sand and make a stand, I am going to try to meet my own expectations, great expectations and I am going to try to hope and dream the very best for me…I am going to expect lavishly more and I am going to remain confident of this; I will see the goodness of the Lord.

So, that quote attributed to so many people... not true...expect great things!

I love that.