Thursday, 6 November 2014

More to it...Priceless

Dear Kelly,  words to a sweet friend who is getting married, soon and very soon... 

Put a Little ZING in it...nothing better than that, right?

I watched a sweet cartoon movie with my grandchildren the other day, it was called Hotel Transylvania!

It was about Dracula's daughter who meets up with a human boy.   It is love at first sight, for both of them.  Their eyes light up and it seems that everything around them stands still…the movie calls it “finding your ZING.”  I love that, who wouldn’t?
Love stories are the best, especially the love-at-first -sight ones.

Pretty sure Kelly, that yours was a love-at-first-sight love story! You found your ZING! And it seems that Isaac found his in you.  Two ZINGS and I am pretty sure as well that the whole of Arnold heard the sound of it.

I am so happy for you, what could be better than making plans for living life with a ZING…a gift from God truly, an amazing gift of His grace and joy and love.  Nothing is greater than love!  Finding love for yourself and to have it so equally returned…priceless.

But there is more to living this life than just ZING; we need compassion, strength, encouragement, hope, understanding…and more than that, we need peace beyond all understanding.  This life is hard, there will be ups and downs, wins and failures, there will be losses and mistakes, there will be stuff so hard that your heart will break from the weight of it and there will be joys that take you so high you will melt in the beauty of them.  Laughter, tears, heart ache, compassion, love…

Yes, the greatest of these is love.

One of the ways to keep in this love is to also keep God in your love story, He is the one who gives the peace that surpasses all understanding, He is the one who holds your heart in the palm of His hand, and He is the one who will save you from all your missteps and mistakes. He will pick you up, both of you, in all times, in Zing and out of Zing!

I have kept this quote by Maya Angelou, a sweet reminder to a woman’s soul…she says,

"A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God, that a man 
should have to seek Him to find her”

Remember this, when you are loving Isaac, in this every day breathing and walking about life…remember to love God, the one from whom your ZING came.

You are getting married...I love that!