Saturday, 19 January 2013

Weeping With Us

I have had something on my mind, rolling it around and around, wondering about it, ever since I heard the words said.

First of all let me say I found it to be one of the best, clearest explanations given, in regards to this topic.  I liked it. It has sat in my mind.  Although best and like are not quite the right words to use.  In horrific circumstances, under great distress and deep, deep sadness, it was brought up, the words stuck out, explained in the clearest bluntest of ways.  It was not really an explanation; it was said as fact in a sentence.

Words said by Robbie Parker, with tears in his eyes and trying to catch his breath, talking about the man that gunned down his beautiful, 6 year old daughter, Emily, at Stony Hook School…

“Free agency is given to all of us to act and choose to do whatever we want and God can’t take that away from us.  And I know that is something he was given and that is what he chose to do with it.  And I know that God can’t take that away.  I’m not mad, because I have my free agency to make sure that I use this event to do whatever I can to want to make sure that my family, my wife and my daughters are taken care of.”

Free agency.  Free choice.  Free will.

I have heard it explained in regards to faith for Christians, as applied to them and those, over there who apparently choose not to be Christians.  Free will being necessary for developing faith, for believing once and for all, saying, it is your choice to believe, that we are all given free will to believe or not.
But now I see that free will is not only given so that we can choose to believe or not, free will is God given from the start, just to be.  Created.  We are created with it that way, from the start, for all of our actions, for what we do with ourselves, not necessarily concerning faith…but with our life, no matter who we are…free will, free agency…it is what we do.

I have been wondering something else; could God not have stepped down into that school yard, there in Connecticut and stopped this mad man from using his free agency? He could have, I believe He could have.  There are many examples to prove that He could, that there were times that He did; Saul was on a killing rampage, using his own free agency… but God.  God stopped him in his tracks.  Stopped.  Him.  In.  His.  Tracks.  There was no time for heart change, for thought change, it just simply, abruptly changed, with the flash of light in the middle of his rampage, because God wanted him for Him, now. 
We all know the stories, told by people who experienced this, they say,” it was a miracle! God simply stopped me from craving that…now I do this for God.”  “God took away my need for that drug…now I serve God here.”  “God stopped my thoughts in that area…now I work for God in this way.”   Miracles happen, God can step in, because He wants you now.
How long is free agency in our hands, always, sometimes? When does God step in, does He? For whom does He step in? Miracles happening…do they…will He?

What do you think?

I think, sometimes miracles are to be had, to be known and felt, to be seen and talked about, Hallelujah!  I think sometimes miracles are not to be, but we are given the strength to stand firm anyway!  I think sometimes miracles are not going to happen, at least not in the way we want, we will go through hard times, we will suffer and cry out and it will seem for a long time, but grace is given.  I think sometimes, God wants us to fight for what we believe according to our faith, strengthening our faith, proving God true.  And I think that sometimes, sometimes God prepares us to suffer while He stands, seemingly silent, at our side weeping with us.

Yes, at our side weeping with us, watching the trouble happen…just like He did with his only son.

God, weeping with us…

I love that.
“Circumstances may appear to wreck our lives and God’s plans,
but God is not helpless among the ruins.”
Eric Liddell, Olympian