Monday, 14 January 2013

A Small Stone

“Who knows that He may turn and have pity and leave behind a blessing”  
Joel 2:14

I took my little dog for a walk the other day.  I drove us down to the Marsh just off the highway and we followed the twists and turns around the rocky path there.
As we made our way around the path, I noticed the mountains in the distance that stood guard over the prairie, all sharp edged and tipped in snow, I noticed the marsh lands, the tall grasses, dry and pressed down along  the ponds edge, and I noticed the path…and there it was, seemingly placed in my path, just so.

I stopped to look at it, a stone, small, black, with a white line, straight, etched across it. The stone on one side of the line was jagged, broken and on the other side, whole, more rounded and I wondered about it.  I thought how beautiful of God to put it there like that, a small stone, just so, among millions more. 

I carried on with my walk, kicking up the stones, my little dog tugging me on, step by step, me thinking, thinking about the white line drawn across that small stone.  I stopped and turned to go back, I thought it silly; surely I would never find it again lying there amongst a scattered million.  But I turned back, some half dozen steps…more.  And, there it was, just for me waiting, a reminder, reminding me of something, surely something good. 

I picked up that small stone and polished it in my gloved fingers, turning it over and over, and I wondered, a reminder?  Yes…reminding me of God, of my life, my faith and I’m thinking three years; a broken heart, a broken life.  But the line has been drawn and life goes on, more faith, a mended heart and a new life.  That’s my reminder, God is still with me.  I slipped that little stone into my pocket and rolled it over in my fingers.  I loved finding it, holding His reminder in my hand.  I am so glad that I turned to go back for it.
I love reminders, reminders that turn me back, that turn me back to see God there.

It sits now on my window sill, a reminder, a blessing of God in the way of a stone...

I love that.