Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Such as This

I love the story of  Rahab.  I love how God uses her and her circumstance.  Her circumstance was not good, in fact, in these days, probably in those days too, she was not a person whose circumstance we would want to be connected with.  But God did.  God does not play favorites. Rahab was a prostitute, yet  He saw something in her that was worth more.  And just like He did with Esther, in her circumstance, He used Rahab in hers, for His purpose, for a time such as this.  A Queen and a prostitute, He does not play favorites.

Such as this, a time to stand, a time to be used by God, a time to save and a time to be saved.

Such as this, knowing who you are.

“Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought but think of yourself with sober judgement in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you”    Romans 12:3

Rahab knew who she was.

Rahab knew that her circumstance was not good, she did not want to be judged for that, she wanted to be judged for who she was, inside.  Rahab chose to believe God, to believe that she was somebody and she wanted to know this God, to trust Him.  She wanted a way to believe that she could make it, that this God was for her, not against her.  She wanted God to trust her.  She could do it and she could do it for a time such as this.

Such as this, a time to believe that you can do it, to be trusted.

The bible doesn’t tell us much more about Rahab, but we know she went on to be faithful to God, in fact more than that, she is named in the lineage of Christ.

I heard somewhere, that to know yourself is to give a proper estimate of yourself…an estimate of myself, a proper estimate. I am pretty sure I know who I am, I think I have a proper estimate, but more importantly, God knows it, He knows who I am.

My daughter and I went to the funeral of a friend the other day, we learned something new about him, things that we didn’t know, but things that God knows.  God knows the proper estimate of him.  Yesterday I was visiting with a friend, a good friend, she didn’t know this about me, that I speak the words of my heart and soul here, these words.  She’s been finding out new things about me, things that God knows.

Who am I?  I am who God says I am and He delights in me. The truth of what God says about me, is worth remembering and  I want to remember who I am, where I came from, and from how far I have come. I want to believe God, I want to trust Him and even more, I want Him to trust me.  I want to believe I can do it.

What I need to know is, what is this it and what is the time of it…the time such as this?