Sunday, 15 November 2015

I am going to Panama

    I am reading a book by Emily P Freeman, she has written a most beautiful book filled with words that encourage us to take a deep look into our purpose, to find the art we were made to live…we are God’s handiwork after all, His masterpiece.  I love that…I am an artist, well, I have an artist’s mind, and I understand the idea of our purpose being an art work to be displayed, whether it is raising children, photography, creating with paint and brush or fitting words on a page.  More than that, in displaying His hand in all we do, all of us, God comes out in a million little ways.

   Months ago, I began looking into a mission’s trip I could be part of, to have a bigger purpose, something to be intentional about.  I had just read an article from Allan Foster, a missionary in Panama, the article was mentioning how they needed encouragement and wondered how a team could come to help them.  My first thought of service was for them, but what could I do alone.  Other ideas came and went, words from friends; doing this, going there or helping here, me thinking, months of searching out something intentional. 

    Then I heard that our church was sending a team to Panama, to the Fosters, the missionary family who months before had needed encouragement.  My first thought was, wow, I love that, they can search out what is needed and then I will join in on the next trip out.  But God had something else in mind, at the next church meeting, the question was asked if anyone else would like to join in…yes, me.

    Now it looked like I may be able to go along…but the team was set, their tickets already bought…and now it seemed like I may not be able to go.  Prayer and waiting and I thought perhaps the question should not have been asked and I wondered.  But God works in mysterious ways and I soon realized that of course the question was meant to be asked because I was meant to be part of the team…perfect.

    So, in just a few more sleeps, six of us will be heading out to Panama, loaded with eleven suitcases and boxes filled with tools, boat fittings, pump motors, computers, sound equipment, books, clothes, food, toys…more than that…words of encouragement, eyes open to learn, ears to listen and hearts to love.

    Our art, displaying God in a million little ways…

    I love that.