Monday, 17 December 2012

New Again...the reason for the season, daring, moving and Beautiful!

My daughter shared this with the ladies at her bible study in Ontario, not the video but the song, she shared the music, the words, and the emotion.  These are some of her words...

Every year as I read through the christmas story something new impacts me and causes me to ponder and dig a little deeper. This year what has left me in amazement is Mary, the mother of baby Jesus, a mother like me. Like any of us who have carried a baby for nine months, who have gone through all of their childhood stages, cuddled with them, comforted and loved them, certainly Mary must have  felt these too, just like me.  Isn't it hard to believe that Mary did the same with our Messiah, our Saviour as we have done with our own little ones! 

When Jesus, just a baby, is swaddled in her arms, Mary finds herself in awe of the responsibility that God has given her, she wonders what His life will be and she ponders these things in her heart.

There is a scene in this video where the young boy Jesus slips and falls, he takes a tumble into the rocky pathway and Mary runs to him, cradling him in her arms, brushing the gravel away, she is looking closely at him, looking for any signs of hurt or pain.  Haven't you or I been there, looking closely at our own little ones for any reason for hurt, for tears... to brush them away the way Mary must have?

I too am pondering all these things and in light of what has happened in Conneticut, aren't these emotions of you and I and the whole of the world, even more amazingly felt...pondered. Evil events, hurts, suffering; pondered in our hearts, just as Mary did as her grown son and Gods Son suffered. 

Mary, the  mother or our saviour, while watching Him grow up, had to also watch her 'baby' die the most horrific death that we could possibly imagine. This song has put this into perspective for me. Listen to the words and watch the story....imagine how Mary felt, knowing that Jesus is God's Son, but he was also her son. God had a plan and Mary's son was His way to make things all new again.

My daughters thoughts and words...I love that.