Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Under construction, truly

It seems I am always under construction, being fixed, needing repairs...oh-oh, there she goes again!  I am God’s construction site...truly; He’s not finished with me yet.

I have just read a cute magazine article about a young woman who learned from her parents a myriad of fixing and making things better.  Doing and knowing, learning and experiencing.  She talked about building and repairing.  What got me was that she knew how to countersink a screw.
I can’t do that...well, yes I can.  I know the names of most tools and I have an understanding of what they are used for.  I can fix a lot of things; ask my daughters, my mom, ask my Dad.  Ask my friend Teresa, she bought one of my homes, she can certainly attest to some of my repair jobs...truly, don’t ask Teresa.
There are some jobs I am not proud of although they always served the purpose in a time of need, more like a time of ‘how can I do this now!’  Lots of my fixes were innovative and inventive and imaginative but not often by the book.  I can do most repairs, my Dad trusts that I can do it, my son and my son-in-laws believe that I can and John almost always let me do it.
John was not really into home repair, although he was attempting it, we were half way into renovating our home when he got sick. He was trying, learning, doing.  No, John was a road construction man, he knew straight lines, levels, slopes and grades, he understood them, and even though he told me often enough that he was getting tired of it, I knew he loved it.

Not that long ago I drove over the Port Man Bridge, through the impressive web of bridge building construction.  Although on that day, all the equipment was still, sitting alone in the places where men left them, cranes, loaders, graders...all the road building equipment that reminded me of John... still, quiet.

I felt like stopping right there, parking my car, getting out...truly, taking it in.

Reaching high, high, above were lengths and lengths of steel cable linking to steel towers poured with cement reinforced and held fast with more steel.  It was impressive.  It was beautiful.  In the background of this world of Man’s construction was God’s construction.  Amazingly beautiful; mountains, steel blue, cold, fresh snow capped.  The sky, intense, bright, bright blue.  The clouds, fluffy, white, light.  I was struck by the contrast and the comparison of mans cold steel world with God’s natural world; both strong, both massive, both bold.

The work that man can accomplish and the work that God creates, seen at once.  It was altogether beautiful.

Truly, it is a beautiful world.

      "... looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God."
Hebrews 11:10