Friday, 8 June 2012

A few things from today

"Do you agree with me - or do you think I am right?" 
Charlie Bentall 1970   ...hehehe I love that!

“May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing in your sight”  
 Psalm 19: 14

Dining well, but sharing little...
            Moved while here, but failed to stir after we leave...
                                         We take it all in, but do little...

 Jesus, the sermon on the mount, after all is said, it's as if He is asking, you have heard what I said, now what will you do with it?
                                                      What will I do?

We don’t change because we want to belong to Christ, we change because we do belong to Christ.

“You have heard it said God will only give what you can handle?  Well, I say God only gives what He can handle...I trust Him”      Thanks Patti, I love that 

Even though they are not with us, walking along side us, talking with us, even  though dying, many, through their faith still speak.
on my shift at the hospital...
Today I saw many who were weak but had someone close by to walk along side...hold on;
People who will never be alone...I promise you;
People who were tired...holding hands...being rocks...loving through it.
Today I saw tears.
But today I saw hope, I saw love, I saw life;
I saw God today.

In memory of my Buddy ...he is being honoured today by Devon,  who is walking all through the night in the Relay for Life,  far, far away in Ontario.
                                                                           I love that... 
                                                     Hebrews 11:4  
"...though dead, through his faith he still speaks."