Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sixty Years

When the hour is upon us and our beauty surely gone
you will not be forgotten
No, you will not be alone

My parents just celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary!  
Sixty years of marriage.  S  I  X  T  Y    Y  E  A  R  S.  Husband and wife...a  l o n g  life, together.

They can’t do everything they used to do, Dad sometimes...Dad often, gets frustrated that he can’t do the things that he used to do, the things that he loved to do, the things that he lived to do.  Mom is always nearby encouraging him to simply enjoy the fact that his time for doing is done, that now is the time for loving, not doing.

They are both still good looking, Mom always wears a classic sweater, accessorised with her favourite jewellery, earrings dangling, hair curled and combed just so.  Dad still impresses those that meet up with him, thick toussled white hair and a big, big grin...yes, still good looking.

They are always together, playing a game of cards, watching curling or the news...watching. Together, talking.  Listening to music, together, soulful country classics, even though Mom doesn't like it, she tries not to say so. Mom likes to do crossword puzzles, but Dad doesn't like that...and he says so.  Dad often talks about moving to Herbert, Mom refuses to go. They are often arguing about any one thing that has come about in the day, or that happened yesterday.  They are just as often laughing together at some old joke or at each other for some failed attempt at something, maybe even because of something they have accomplished. Really, you did it!  Surprise and pride at accomplishments.

They have struggled with health issues, heart and soul issues.  Blood, sweat and tears. They have overcome their trials and have continued on, encouraging one another and trying hard to survive, to just live.  To live with integrity and grace and life is hard.

They are enjoying the fruits of their labour, family dinners once a week, good food, love and laughter.  They love their children, their grandchildren and their great grandchildren...these children that came all because they fell in love.  They are honoured to know this family tree they have feel it, to water and to taste from it.

They have reached an amazing accomplishment, sixty years together.  They are a testament to love, joy, perseverance, patience, cooperation, consideration and survival.  When all else failed they showed persistence to love and dedication to one another.

We gathered, as many of us who could, this past weekend to share their accomplishment and to joy in one another,  it was, from sixty years of labour and was a celebration, it was an honour.

And when the day has all but ended and our echo starts to fade
you will not be alone...Let us hold to each other till the end of our days

S  I  X  T  Y    Y  E  A  R  S    with love, God Bless