Friday, 13 April 2012

The Glory of it All

“Look, I see Heaven open...”  Acts 7:56

Heaven opening up.  And God’s glory showing.

While reading through Priscilla Shirer's book we've been talking about the glory of God; how His glory is all around us, even in the desert places.  How His glory exceeds comprehension, that His glory is reserved for His sake, for only One and that His glory demands a response.
God’s glory is all around us...His glory, showing.

Reminds me of something I shared with my children when they were little.  Sharing God’s glory; a bit of Heaven.

Sometimes, it happened when we were outside, walking, talking, sky watching.  Maybe we would be inside, looking out, through the window, over the couch leaning, sky watching.

Sometimes we weren’t sky watching at all, sometimes we were just doing life, and somehow though, there it would be.  The sky might have been a little stormy, but the sun would be there shining somewhere above the cloud cover, above the fray.

Just then the sky would move, the clouds shifting in the smallest most unassuming way.  Then an opening in the clouds, where a bit of blue shone through.  But not just blue, the brightest blue, reflecting the brightness of the sun and leaving way for the rays of its light.  Amazing rays of cloud shrouded light streaming down, rays of Glory it seemed.
Whatever we were doing I would stop and point it out to my children “Look ...a bit of Heaven!”  Then, all time would stop as we watched, we would melt in the moment and we would pleasure in the glory of it.

God’s glory showing...His glory is all around us.  I love that.

"You are here, with redemption for us all, that we may live, for the glory of it all."
                                                                                                        David Crowder Band