Monday, 2 January 2017

Going Beyond

Somethings that I read, somethings I felt, somethings I thought …somethings I know.

“The soul is the energy that goes beyond the confines of the physical body.”

It seems at every turn we are confronted with and surrounded by problems, situations that eat away at our soul; we listen to the lies of negativity, we get stuck in old stories, we disconnect with our own people, we resist, we don’t wait, we put our expectations on pedestals, we think we are not enough, we waste our time and though our physical body looks “perfect” on the outside, on the inside we believe we are imperfect…we have begun to believe the lies and our soul suffers.

 “To feed your soul, find the rhythm of your breath, the life force that air brings.  Live in the moment, be conscious of what you are doing and experiencing, as each moment brings about the full appreciation of the present moment.”

Pneuma…feed your soul…Breathe.

“Breathe in, breathe out and notice the air flowing in and out of you naturally...
It’s as if you are being breathed into.”

Pneuma…the breath of God.

I’m trying to appreciate these words and I’m going to work at feeding my soul.

I’m going to start a project, cleaning out and de-cluttering, first my kitchen cupboards, then my office.  I’m going to put up some wall paper and cover up the words written on the wall and while I’m at it, I’m going to do it for me, I am going to change my mind-set, clean out and de-clutter me.  It won’t be easy..I know that.

So; Today I will be the best version of myself… and then I will say it again the next day…Today I will be the best version of myself.  And then I will say it again.  Today I will be…

“It’s a journey that doesn’t always add up, make sense or go in a straight line. 
It’s not about getting rid of…it’s about letting go.”

So, here’s what I’m going to work on...I am going to:

Support release …be okay with letting go
Cultivate stillness …slow down, simplify, sense, surrender and self-care.
Remove stuck energy…stop doing that!
Release old stories
Connect with home, family and friends…be confident
Be enough…
Lean into resistance …it’s ok to be on a hard road.
Live imperfectly …like no one is watching
Wait it out
Embrace mystery …be okay with not knowing
Be kind.
Be brave.
Show grace …because grace is the greatest brave.

It’s going to be a journey; I won’t be travelling in a straight line… I know that already.

One more thing I already know, God’s grace is sufficient for me.

Going beyond... feeding my soul, starting today, the best version of me.

I love that