Tuesday, 23 December 2014

I am Known

I went to Mark Center a week or so ago, the organization had set up rooms in their lodge to be open to the public, small stages set up to encourage intimacy with what is known about God. I had heard about the beauty of this place and I was interested about what I would find there…I viewed the rooms, they were set up in a way of softness, quiet, intimate.  Intimate with God, He was there in spirit, mingling with the saints that gathered one or two at a time in the candle lit rooms.  I enjoyed all the moments, taking in the emotion, the plethora of senses arranged there; scents, sounds, sight, touch…all corresponding with words, words on pages placed in measured spaces as if stepping stones to your soul.  The words themselves were meaningful alone or strung together, meant to be pondered and held, like pearls on a string; enticing thoughts of reflection and relationship…mostly with God but also in our circumstances.  With each footfall through the rooms, up staircases, around corners, through doors, it was thought provoking and it was all heart felt.
There were six rooms, the last one, fully lit, calling out to God…thank-you.  Words of thankfulness posted to the large windows, handwritten on small squares of paper, fifty, a hundred, more…thanking God for insight, peace, family, love, confirmation…words written with heart and soul, words touched with grace.

If you didn’t go, I wish you could have been there.

As if that wasn’t enough there was more, an opportunity to be spoken over, to be prayed for; prophets with words from God, to you and to me.  This was what I was waiting for, a friend of mine went last year, he had been blessed and humbled, encouraged and confirmed…I wanted that, I needed that.

Prophets; people gifted with words from God, not foretelling the future but simply repeating words that God has given them about people, His friends in their midst.  I was anxious about the words God knew about me, what they would be…words of rebuke, words of loss, of change, of getting better…perhaps words of generalities, words that could be said for any one of you, simple, plain, black and white? Or, would they be words of meaning, words that I understood, words that only I would know…words of confirmation.

Words that He knows me…that’s what I wanted to hear, that is what I needed to hear.  I was not disappointed, the words told to me were so personal, I cried...truly, truly, I was humbled and blessed, encouraged and confirmed…I am known.

Such an amazing gift to receive this Christmas.

I love that.