Friday, 16 May 2014

Do You See Him?

I have just recently come back from Ontario, where it was still cold, the leaves were only thinking of peeking out.  The farmers were getting ready to work in their fields, looking up checking the skies.  The tulips were popping, just barely, through the black dirt and the children were threatening bare feet…waiting.  Here, we are over grown with the fullness of spring!
The differences amazing, but despite the appearance of the land, the feel of the air or the habits of farmers and children, one thing remains the same, that is the presence of God…He is all around, here and there…I love that!

I have just finished a bible study with some of my friends, it was all about living in the presence of God, looking for Him, expecting Him…seeing Him there. We were encouraged to journal the moments where we saw God, where we were in His presence.  An exercise that I have already been practicing, but mostly from the view of thankfulness; writing down the gifts that come my way every day, filling the moments and ultimately the pages of my journal; loving moments, sad hard moments, yes even there something to be thankful for.  But this assignment was just a bit I see God standing there beside me in the midst of the moments, not only the ones I am thankful for but also the moments that just are?

I began my new challenge looking for God in my every day, ordinary life; my sleeping, eating, going to work and walking around life…I just kept my eyes open.  Waking up in the morning to where I live, listening to the rain, in the phone call from a friend, keeping up with my grandchildren as they ran with my dog, in those I help at the hospital, compassion, people talking, sharing their stories; in the trees blossoming, in the smell of them, in the warmth of the sun; in hard decisions, in the reasoning of them and in the wanting, yes even there…the divine expectation of seeing God right there.  Do you see Him?

In His presence; there He is sitting at the table with my grandchildren enjoying the jumble of their activity, in a simulcast, a set-up…His plan, there He is. Here with my cousins, finishing a lesson. In a movie theatre with Noah; walking around the hospital beds, in and out looking, talking, touching, comforting;  Him sitting on the edge of my chair, in my comfort, giving me comfort, loving me…have you not heard, do you not know?  Do you see Him?

In my rest, I see Him, Him with me as I purposely stay put, in my place in His peace.  I see Him there, with me stretched out over Johns place in the cemetery, tears, peace, quiet, ultimate rest, yes, here He is. He is here too, silently listening to the birds, the water rippling in the warmth of the sun, standing at my window, seeing what I see; around my table wondering about my endless papers and pages and notes.  Him encouraging me in my ‘I’m sorry’ and Him there, watching the moon slipping up through the clouds rising up and up and up…would someone please look up at the moon…Hello God!  Do you see Him?

I see Him in words; In the words of authors of books and articles in newspapers; in the words of a mother entreating Daddy to be sweet to his little girl cause mommy had been dragging her around all day; in the words of a wife encouraging her husband, giving him confirmation, and in the words of little grandchildren running ahead, little legs and arms, heads turning back to me, calling my name; in the words of my daughters prayers, her husbands and her children; I saw Him in the words and music of the Listowel Christian School, sweet sounds that filled the spaces, the cracks and crevices, leaking out through the windows and doors spilling out with the children who go there!  Do you see Him?

Amongst my friends; there He is serving up tea and scones to a table full; with an unforgiving friend, even there, Him telling me to forgive her for she does not know what she is doing; and Him standing just to the right enjoying the same sweet smile I enjoy...the sweetest thing…with every ‘good morning’; and just like the friends walking the road to Emmaus, He joins in, sharing in the moments…tell me, do you see Him?

I see Him, in every word, at every turn, whether in a plane soaring above the mountains, into the clouds, His very space of Heaven or whether it is in His amazing grace, seeing Him, feeling it true, His words, His music, in my space of rest…Him intertwined with me.

Seeing God, living in His presence…I see Him in everything I do, nothing can be done without Him standing by… yes even there.

I love that.