Thursday, 8 August 2013

Here...take this

We were talking about helping others, helping in situations of loss and suffering and coping and living…just living.  And he asked me; what do you have to offer?

At first I was a little taken aback…what do I have to offer?  As if it is something tangible, something real in my hand.  As if it is something worthwhile to give, something I’d have in my hand that I was willing to pass out, to offer freely.   Something to offer, given like a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs or a baked cake.  Here...take this, yes, this is for you.

Sometimes helping is giving something tangible.

But sometimes having something to offer is from the heart, out of the soul; a bit of grace, a touch of mercy, a listening ear, a touch from a hand that seems empty but is filled with compassion, love.  I have certainly witnessed all of these, seen them being offered freely, given from one soul to another.

But the question was; what do I have to offer?

I have what God has given me...

He has given me mercy, mercy to carry on under hard circumstances…I have mercy to give.

He has given me the faith to trust Him no matter what...I have faith to give.

He has given me Love; love to see me through times of great loss and in times of beautiful blessing…I have love to give.

He has given me insight into death, tasting it, feeling it and knowing it is not the end…I have hope to give.

He has given me the opportunity to witness His grace, undeserved and He has given me grace, undeserving grace…I have grace to give.

In the midst of my story He has given me the stories of others, I have learned to listen…I have compassion to give.

He has given me His word, a knowledge to discern it…I have His word to give.

He has given me Himself; lover of my soul, healer of my scars, comfort for my hurts…I have comfort to give.

Sometimes, these are difficult to pull out at the right time, sometimes I have to look deep to see if they are still there but they are always found, sometimes hidden behind a need of my own, under an old scar, or maybe over there by my own broken heart…but always found…always.

And none of these are tangible or easily seen or taken from my hand but they are felt in the soul, they are known to the heart and they are here to give.

Here...take this, yes, this is for you.