Wednesday, 10 April 2013

He will Never?

I was reading a magazine article and I came across something that stood out in my mind.  It stopped me cold, it thumped against my heart and ricocheted back and forth there for a while and I thought it not true.

Regarding God and His salvation, Pierre Gilbert writes He will never take anyone against his or her will…really?  Pierre goes on to say that it's as if  to sign permission before God can make a move...truly?

What about miracles?  What about grace? 
To say that God needs our permission to have Him respond with us is to say that it all depends on us.  I can’t see that this can be true.  In fact the truth is that God first loved us, the truth is He acts first and then we act.  To say that we need to give permission for Him to act in us is to say that we are the one that matters.
God can, God will and God does act despite us, whether we have given permission or not, He does not wait for us to make the first move.  No, He moves first.  Sometimes, He rushes in like He did with Saul, knocking the wind out of you, sometimes He lights a fire right in front of you, sometimes He calls you out of the fields and blesses you. Sometimes despite everything you do, He says you are a man after His own heart and sometimes He says here is the way walk in it.

God does not need permission to do what He has in mind to do.  If He wants you, there is none who can stop Him, nothing you do, nothing you say and nothing you sign.  We have all heard the stories, miracles told of how God saved, how He redeemed and how He did everything to bring some to their knees…God moves people.  It is God who finds us where we are and moves us to Him.

It's as if God ‘signed the papers’ they are signed in creation, signed on the rainbow and then signed again in blood sealed with the cross.

Any signing we do only has to do with being faithful, trusting, loving and following a God who loved us first.

He will take anyone against their will, if He wills it, He will do it.  And we will be amazed at the miracle…and we will be amazed at God’s grace.

For it is by grace we have been saved, not from ourselves, it is the gift of God.

I love that.