Thursday, 2 August 2012

Something to talk about

My friend sent out this quote this morning,

“Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you”

That’s an eye opener.

Then there was this warning I read recently in a book by Elsie H. R. Rempel,

“Because we see life most clearly from our own perspective, we can be tempted to consider our faith stage the norm, and use it to judge others.”

Judging, perspectives, being tempted, sinning, seeing most clearly...differently

...differently than you.

Really, it is hard to see anything at all in a different way because we are seeing everything through our own eyes; everything is weighed from our own experiences, our own perspectives, it is all weighed by what is going on in our own head. From our view, it seems that what we see is the norm whether it is in regards to our faith or any other occurrence in life.  And really what is going on in our head sometimes seems so simple, so straight forward.  Why doesn’t everyone see that? Well the truth is everyone does see that...from their own stage of the norm!  We are all going around looking out at the world from our own, simple, straight forward viewpoint.

It is hard work to turn and see the view from someone else; the possibilities of what could be a different view.

I want to see differently, yes I do think of glasses as half full rather than half empty, yes I do look to the positive rather than the negative but I want to see differently. 

I am also thinking that to see differently we have to talk about it...otherwise how will we know?