Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Leave and go...

These are the words that God spoke to Abram "Leave your country, your people and your fathers household and go to the land I will show you."

Specific and simple. Vague but sure. Frightening and yet, somehow safe.

Frightening in the way that God is asking Abram to leave everything that he knows, everything that he holds dear, everything that he has hold to, his home, his people, his future...very frightening.

Yet, safe. Safe in the way that God is confirming that He will be there showing Abram the way '...I will show you.'

So, Abram left.

Would I have left?' Would I think God would be asking me to leave? I am not so sure. My view point has been and maybe still is, wait and see. If God really wants me to do something, maybe I'll just wait and see, surely he will find some way to convince me if He really wants me to obey. He will ask me again.

I weigh everything, maybe too much. Maybe I need to listen and just do it... to look around me and listen to what God is asking me to do. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I do listen and just do it...sometimes too often...without weighing.

I wish It would be simple. I wish I would always do the right thing, the thing that God was asking of me. I also wish that what He was asking of me was simple, like leave and go. Simple. I wish that what He would be asking me would be safe.

Well one thing I do know is that wishing is of no use when it comes to obeying God, and having it simply laid out is not going to happen, it is simply going to be step by step, day by day...

Leave and go ...He will show me.